Recommended Resources to Empower You in Business

John M Carr has owned and operated a number of small businesses over the years in a diverse range of industries, from travel and aircraft to printing and computers. It is from this practical real world experience that he draws on for the following manuals.

These manuals that are not to be looked at on a shelf but are designed to be used for driving success in business:

The Business Plan $75.00

A complete guide to making bank loan presentations, preparing cash flow budgets

The Incorporation Guide $25.00

A complete summary of the pros and the cons for incorporating your business as a limited liability company.

The Bookkeepers Correspondence Course $175.00

Designed for the person entering the job market for the first time. A step by step guide to run your own business accounts, or to provide you with skills to work for an accountant.

TA Comprehensive Guide to Payroll Processing $75.00

Everything you need to know if you have 1 – 10,000 employees.

The Employee / Contractor dilemma $25.00

The authority in determining the independent contractor / employee determination under fire from both the state and the federal government.