Payroll Services


At BBS we understand your time is valuable and processing payroll can be formidable and time consuming. We recognise that each business is unique and we approach your payroll solution flexibly by customising our services to meet your needs.

Payroll services are undertaken by a team of trained, dedicated professionals whose focus is on simplifying the process and keeping your business compliant with the related legislation and statutory requirements.

Our payroll services include:

  • Processing and calculating payroll expenses
  • Payslip provision
  • Payroll Checks (which will include your business logo and identity) – you sign checks we prepare and hand them to your employees
  • Electronic Payroll Payment System – payments are made electronically to employees on your behalf …easy, secure and fast
  • National Insurance and Taxation advice
  • Calculating tax obligations
  • Filing and reporting of federal & state forms
  • Provision of W2’s annually
  • Management reports