About us


Since 1983 Better Business Services Inc, has been serving the business communities in both Texas and Florida. Originally these areas were incorporated in a business called Bookkeeping Business Services Company which had operations across the United States in over 100 locations. John M Carr purchased the Texas and Florida operations and proceeded to extend the range of services offered by the company.

The business has grown into a dominant competitor in the field of Bookkeeping, Payroll services and Taxation Preparation and has grown from strength to strength from the many recommendations made in the marketplace by our long-standing clients. Our pricing is cost-effective and above all, competitive! We are committed to delivering service excellence at every opportunity.

Better Business Services was a pioneer in the electronic filing of income tax returns and federal employment reports. The company has been recognized for a number of years as the first filer in the region to transmit accepted returns to the IRS service center.

John Carr was born in Chicago Illinois, but grew up in New Zealand. He completed a Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Auckland University before moving to the United States to work for a Fortune 100 company for nine years. During that time he purchased a number of offices of a bookkeeping company – becoming the nucleus of today’s Better Business Services Inc. He completed his MBA and obtained a Certified Public Accountants license in Oklahoma and Minnesota in the process.

Better Business Services Inc. provides extensive tax preparation assistance to a wide cross section of businesses.

John M Carr

Mission Statement

  1. To provide an environment conducive to our employees aims and ambitions. We do not discriminate against employees based on race, religion, creed, colour or disability
  2. To provide personal, competent, competitively priced services to our customers. To offer value for money and perform services that allow our customers more time to pursue their own business specialities
  3. To provide an adequate return on investment to shareholders in the company,
    recognizing the importance of their initial investment